Monday, March 27, 2017

Proctologist shortage in DC During 'Salute to Israeli Apartheid' Gathering

Washington, DC--Officials at the Walter Reed Hospital in D.C. are putting out a plea for practicing proctologist's to fly to D.C. ASAP to help with the overload in patients returning from the 'Salute to Israeli Apartheid' event held this week.

"We're seeing U.S. Senators and Representatives coming here with massive tearing in their rectum, due to their undying loyalty and sacrifice to Israel", said Dr. Shlomo Lipschitz, Chief Proctologist for Walter Reed. "When they said they loved Israel and would do anything for her, well, some of my brethren in the 'LOBBY' took that a little too literally."

"Certainly, some amount of damage was to be expected, as is the case anytime a U.S. official gets a visit from an Israeli PM Netenyahu or an AIPAC official, but the massive tears in their rectal walls is unheard of, even for these special friends of Israel. Why didn't they take precautions?" lamented Lipschitz. "Upon arrival at the 'Salute to Israeli Apartheid' event, each U.S. official was handed a Holocaust™ by DKNY gift bag, which contained a large tub of KY Jelly; a large box of tissues and a customized set of knee pads, for those prolonged sessions."

"All they had to do was to smear prodigious amounts of the KY Jelly on their rectal area, to help facilitate one-on-one action with their favorite Jewish idol. And now look, they got so excited that few used the KY Jelly, instead choosing to have a more "intimate" relation with their favorite Zionist."

"And that's not all," added Lipschitz. "We're also putting out a plea for Oral Surgeons to come to our aid, as there seems to be more than a few that besides having rectal tears, also have jaw problems, due to their loving embraces of their Jewish friends."

"Thankfully, the large amount of campaign 'donations' these US politicos will get from AIPAC will more than cover any expenses not covered by their generous US taxpayer funded health insurance, and probably precipitate another run on the local Mercedes-Benz dealer."

If you too have an overwhelming need to act like a racist, overbearing prick who thinks some G-d is on their side, then join these asshats. A mere $1,800 will get you admitted to the modern-day version of the KKK!

If you have the shekels, you can join the top tier of Apartheid Lovers, called "Minyan" for only 100K! But you'll be in elite company, along with at large war criminals like Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Betty Nuttyahoo and Condi "Planes, what planes, no one saw that coming" Rice!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

US Treasury: One Jew Leaves, Another Jew Takes the Position


The Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence is a position within the United States Department of the Treasury responsible for directing the Treasury's efforts to cut the lines of financial support for terrorists, fight financial crime, enforce economic sanctions against rogue nations, and combat the financial support of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The Under Secretary is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

Is it impossible to find an AMERICAN, that is not a Jew, to fill this crucial US Treasury spot? Not only is the new "Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence" a Jew, she is an Israeli.

(Note: Good luck finding these names on the actual US Treasury site, guess someone is paranoid that us GOY might start putting 2 and 2 together..)
"The White House on Tuesday named Sigal Mandelker, a former Israeli, as Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. The position places her in charge of US sanctions against countries and terrorist organizations. Mandelker, a lawyer by training, previously held a number of posts in the Justice Department and the Homeland Security Department in which she handled cyber security, terrorism and national security matters, among others."
Before the Israeli Jew Mandelker was appointed, it was held by Adam Szubin... Before Szubin, it was David Cohen.....Cohen left the Treasury to become the Deputy Director of the CIA, which probably stands for 'Covering Israelis Ass.'

There is one mob that the Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence can NOT investigate, that is the Jew-run and controlled Federal Reserve. Hmmm. Bet they never investigate the world's #1 terrorist state, Apartheid Israel, since they're too busy sanctioning the nations Israel wants destroyed, like Iran and Syria.

The top Treasury spot is held by another Jew, Steven Mnuchin. The one before him was another Jew, Jacob Lew. The one before Lew was another Jew, Neal Wolin.

Other notable Treasury heads have been Robert Rubin, who helped set up the 2008 stock market crash and economic depression by pushing thru the gutting of the 'Great Depression' Glass-Steagall law, which forbid deposit banks from gambling with YOUR money. Rubin also helped push thru major changes to the commodity and financial markets, which led to the MBS fiasco.

Another Treasury clown was the Shabbos Goy Timmy Geithner, who helped con artist Bernie Madoff launder his stolen loot to Israel and stood by doing nothing while the MBS crisis was unfolding when Treasury Secretary. Guess he didn't want to impede his (((friends))) from looting American 401 K accounts and pension funds.

Not only is the Treasury polluted with dual citizens, so is the FED, which has the Jewess Yellen as head and her deputy is Stanley Fischer, an Israeli Jew who was formerly the head of an Israeli bank. Before Yellen, it was the Jew Bernanke, before him it was the Jew Alan Greenspan, and on and on and on...............

These dual citizens go to Jew Yeshiva schools like this one, which heavily promote Eretz Israel, an Israel stretching from the 'brook of Egypt to the Euphrates and from Turkey to Arabia.' No wonder we're bogged down in ME wars, they're wars fought for Eretz Israel in which Americans supply the money, weapons and cannon fodder and the Muslim nations supply the dead, while dual citizen Jews keep an eye on our money. Yeah, right.

Like former Pentagon Comptroller Dov Zakheim, who had several trillion dollars mysteriously 'disappear' while he was keeping a close eye on the books!

Time to turn out the lights America. When you let a group of financial sharpies, many with dual citizenship control your finances and economy, that is slavery, not freedom. You won't see troops marching down the streets, this takeover of our government is much more subtle, to keep you GOYIM from seeing with your own eyes what is happening to your freedom.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Speak the Truth About Apartheid Israel & Watch Your Career Tank

This is the story of a famous, glamorous, pioneering female journalist and human rights advocate [Dorothy Thompson] who was shunned and forgotten for criticizing the treatment of Palestinians in the creation of the Israeli state.

For three decades, amid the sweeping events of the first half of the twentieth century, no journalist was more controversial, more iconoclastic, or more quoted than Dorothy Thompson. At the pinnacle of her career, Thompson’s syndicated news column, “On the Record”—one of the longest-running columns ever—reached millions of people around the globe. She was heard by millions more in her regular NBC radio broadcasts, and her stories appeared in The New York Tribune, Ladies Home Journal, and The Saturday Evening Post. Her persona was honored by Katharine Hepburn in the 1942 movie Woman of the Year, and in 1939, in a Time magazine cover story, was named the most influential woman in America next to Eleanor Roosevelt.
What got this brave journalist in hot water? Daring to speak the truth about Apartheid Israel, like the truth Dorothy speaks in this video:

Naturally, for daring to speak the truth about Apartheid Israel, Dorothy was and is still labeled as being anti-Semitic.

Thompson was a
keynote speaker at the Biltmore Conference, and by war's end was regarded as one of the most effective spokespersons for Zionism. She switched her views round radically after a trip to Palestine in 1945, and ran into difficulties, including accusations of anti-Semitism, which she strongly rebuffed, after being warned that hostility toward Israel was, in the American press world, “almost a definition of professional suicide.” She eventually concluded that Zionism was a recipe for perpetual war.
Dorothy knew back in the late 1940's that Zionism was a "recipe for endless war."

And that's exactly where the world is at 70 years later, perpetual war against the Muslim world, while Israel keeps up its ethnic cleansing of Palestine while the world is distracted by Allahu Akbar™ False Flags and Jew anti-Semitic hoaxes.

A mass extinction event of Muslims perpetuated by the toxic ideology Zionism and its poisonous twin, the cult religion of hate, Judaism.

Go to this link to see a listing of the 400+ Palestinian villages and towns wiped off the face of the Earth by the invading Khazars....

Mass graves of Palestinians discovered in Apartheid Israel, murdered by the invading Khazar land thieves.

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